Decisions and the Law of Attraction

Our thoughts create our reality.  Whatever we choose to focus on and where our energy is directed, we attract more of it in our life.

You may be thinking, “I have so much negativity in my life right now”.

Yes, you may have things that are not good right now and, if you choose to continue focusing on them, the universe will attract more of it in your life.

Decide to not focus on the negativity and instead, move your focus to making it better.  Imagine how it can be better and focus your thoughts and your actions on your desired result.
Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen. (Ralph Waldo Emerson)
Decisions can be powerful.  They’re not always easy to make.⁠

⁠When you find yourself not able to make a decision, it can create havoc on your confidence and your happiness.  ⁠

⁠And, it can communicate confusion to the universe.  ⁠

Decision-Making Process

I invite you to try this approach when you’re faced with a decision that you’re not sure about:

1.  Get happy. That’s right, you need to get yourself in a positive mental and emotional space.  So, turn on a song you love and start dancing, eat chocolate, etc.

Do whatever will get you feeling happy.  While you’re doing this, forget about the decision.  Just enjoy feeling happy.

2.  Think about your decision. Now that you’re in a “feeling good” mental and emotional space, consider the pros and cons, etc.

Which one “feels” like the right one for you?  Trust your gut.  And, decide.

3.  Act on your decision. Immediately (or as soon as it makes sense), do atleast one thing that tells the universe you are choosing to go in this direction.

You need to take action.  Don’t worry, you can always pivot, as needed.

Trust yourself.
“I know what to do, and I do it!”
Let me know how this decision-making process works for you.

Send me an email at or a message via Instagram @choosehappywithmarie

I’d love to hear from you!
⁠⁠You will find clarity through action.
Take good care and be safe.

And remember,

Choose Happy Today

About the author

My name is Marie Mota-Lee and I’m passionate about sharing personal development knowledge so that you too can move forward in the ways that you desire in order to live your best life.

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